How does your heart beat?
I never meant to hurt you; I never meant for it to mean this much.
Hi, there! My name is Steph, and I'm just your friendly neighborhood RPer up and ready for action! I only actively play Brittany & Sugar for the time being, but I'm ready to try my hand at Dani. This is not an RPH, but rather a place for me to attempt to control my overactive imagination, pour my excess amounts of feels into, and organize all my thoughts. Yep... that's a lot to ask from a little blog, but I'm not worried. I just love to write.

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I know there was something before you.

I just can’t remember what it was.

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Listen, you have spent most of your life in the closet because you cared about what people thought about you. Walking away from a dream that you don’t actually care about is you winning, because it’s you saying, ”This is not who I am, and I don’t care who knows it.” 

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Brittana + being close while dancing

heather morris + dancing

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brittany +  updos

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Glee Meme

[2/5 Characters] Brittany Pierce